Social Projects of Herdade Grande: Awakening Potential, Nurturing Dreams!

Our social projects are the spark that awakens human potential at Herdade Grande. Driven by a shared vision, we empower and inspire our community to dream big, achieve the impossible, and write a success story together. Join us on this transformative journey towards a bright and fulfilling future.

With Cacau, you are helping the São Francisco de Assis Association

Let’s support the São Francisco de Assis Association – Cascais, an institution dedicated to the collection and protection of abandoned or lost companion animals.

Herdade Grande has just launched a new label, Cacau, through which all consumers are supporting the activities of the São Francisco de Assis Association – Cascais. 1% of the sales of this wine go towards this cause in support of animals.

Cacau was a Labrador who became an icon at Herdade Grande. He warmly and playfully welcomed everyone. He had a very special, calm, and suddenly irreverent empathy that charmed everyone. He became one of the symbols of the house. And if he was of the house, he was of the family. Then Cacau fell ill, and in June 2022, he passed away. He left a huge void at Herdade Grande, and the tribute became evident – to honor Cacau’s spirit on the label of a wine! To share the memories he left behind! And to appeal to the cause of defending companion animals.

Can we count on your support?

“We have always had a special connection to animals, and it is very shocking, especially in today’s times, that those who should be companions continue to be subjected to abandonment and mistreatment. Cacau was beloved and desired. It is important to draw attention to this so that people decide whether they really want to commit to the companionship and proper treatment of an animal.”

Mariana Lança, General Manager of Herdade Grande.