The winery of Herdade Grande is just 5 Km from Vidigueira, Alentejo and it makes part of the hundred-year-old estate of the Lança family. It is part of a strategy where the focus is the quality. Sized to produce 400.000 bottles of wine, from which 70% are red wine and 30% white wine.

The conjugation of technology with traditional winemaking methods allows the Herdade Grande winery to assure the best sequence of processes to better harness the genuine expression of the raw-material and terroir, honouring the strong tradition of excellent winemaking.

The Work Done at The Winery Intends To Safeguard The Grapes Quality And Harness The Unique Expression Of The Terroir.

Between the most innovative methods and the techniques that recover the old traditions of local wine production, such as the ancestral Talhas or the Baterias de Lagares (with temperature-controlled fermentation), Herdade Grande focuses on the resources that best harness the identity of the regions’ wines.

At the same time, the Herdade Grande winery is equipped with air-conditioning systems adapted to the different stages of production, namely during the harvest, assuring the crop stabilization and the optimization of the grape quality.