Olive Oil, the Golden King of Portugal!

Tradition, Culture, and Gastronomy.

In the Alentejo, amidst gentle hills and plains, we find the granary of Portugal. But it is also in this region that we encounter centuries-old olive trees in the vast, uninterrupted olive groves. During a special time, the “harvest” of the olives takes place, a moment of celebration where we see elegant groups of boys and girls wearing skirts or shorts, with the inevitable hat and scarf adorned with floral motifs. An explosion of colors and life. The perfect theme and creative inspiration for this authentic and unique packaging, which reflects cultural roots in a minimalist way, while paying tribute to the Alentejo woman of the Lança Family – Herdade Grande, who arrived in Alentejo in 1920.

The process?

After an internal brainstorming session, the idea was promptly accepted by the client, and the process went through various stages, from selecting the scarf, color, and motifs to moving on to the production/creation of the image in the studio. From photography, we transitioned to illustration, culminating in the final design with graphic elements, always maintaining a minimalist concept with a special focus on the scarf and hat.

The production, carried out at VOX Artes Gráficas, with agency supervision and approval, thus concludes the life cycle of this creative project that came to life with simplicity and elegance through details such as gold stamping, embossing, and cutting.

Source: M&A•CREATIVE – Communication Agency